verslag etymology

Dutch word verslag comes from Dutch slaan, Dutch ver-, and later Dutch verslaan (To defeat. To report on.)

Detailed word origin of verslag

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slaan Dutch (nld) (intransitive) to pulse, beat. (intransitive) to suddenly start along (of movement), to turn. (transitive) to beat, overcome. (transitive) to hit, to slap. (transitive) to strike. (transitive) to surround with. (transitive, chess) to take one of your opponent's pieces.
ver- Dutch (nld) To do or to become what the stem (following this prefix) refers to. To move or change in the manner specified by the stem. Used to indicate that the action (referred to by the stem) has a negative connotation (for the direct object of the stem).
verslaan Dutch (nld) To defeat. To report on.
verslag Dutch (nld) Report.

Words with the same origin as verslag

Descendants of slaan
afslag eindverslag inslag jaarverslag omslag opslag verslaggever
Descendants of ver-
verbinden verbinding verblijven vergissing verhogen verhoor verhuizen verkennen verleiden verlopen vermaak vermogen veroordelen verplaatsen verraden verslaan vertrouwen vervangen verwachten verwarring verzekeren verzekering verzoek verzorgen