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Dutch word warmte comes from Dutch -te, Dutch warm ((meteorology, officially) 20 °C or more. Warm, hot.)

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-te Dutch (nld) See ge- -te. A suffix that forms the singular of the past tense of weak verbs, the root of which ends in a voiceless consonant Appended to an adjective, making a feminine noun which refers to the size or quality referred to by the adjective, cognate to -th.. Appended to the stem of a verb, yields a feminine noun which refers to the object of such a verb.
warm Dutch (nld) (meteorology, officially) 20 °C or more. Warm, hot.
warmte Dutch (nld) (figuratively) warmth, pronounced feeling, especially sympathetic emotion. (literally) physical warmth, thermal energy, from moderate to heat.

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aangifte belofte beroerte drukte geboorte gedeelte gedeeltelijk gekte gelofte gesteente gewoonte groente grootte hitte leegte menigte moeite ongedierte sterkte stilte verte vlakte zwaartekracht zwakte