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Dutch word wassen comes from Dutch -en, Dutch was

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-en Dutch (nld) Forms verbs from nouns and adjectives. The stem of the word itself does not change. A suffix present on certain adverbs. Forms adjectives that indicate the substance from which something is made. The ending of the plural forms of verbs, in both present and past tense. The ending of the past participle of strong verbs. This can also function as an adjective. Ending of the infinitive form of [...]
was Dutch (nld) Laundry, clothes that need to be washed, or just have been washed. Growth. Wax.
wassen Dutch (nld) (transitive) to rub wax on.

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ballen bemanning benen beveiliging boeken bomen genoegen gouden papieren plaatsen sporen starten stemmen veranderen verandering verhuizen verjaardag verklaren verklaring verpesten verplaatsen verstoppen vertrouwen verwijderen