zendeling etymology

Dutch word zendeling comes from Dutch zenden, Dutch -ling

Detailed word origin of zendeling

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
zenden Dutch (nld) (intransitive, communications) to transmit. (transitive) to send.
-ling Dutch (nld) A suffix that describes a male person (or other creature) in terms of a place of origin or a quality, as defined by the root to which it is added.
zendeling Dutch (nld) (Protestant) missionary.

Words with the same origin as zendeling

Descendants of zenden
afzender filmzender inzending muziekzender verzendkosten zendamateur zender zendmast
Descendants of -ling
boeteling drenkeling drieling eenling huurling leerling mengeling mislukkeling nieuweling opstandeling ouderling raarling sterveling stommeling verstekeling vertrouweling vierling vluchteling volgeling vondeling vreemdeling woesteling zuiderling zuigeling