poza etymology

Polish word poza comes from Ancient Greek παύω, and later Latin pausa (A pause, halt, stop, cessation, end.)

Detailed word origin of poza

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
παύω Ancient Greek (grc)
παῦσις Ancient Greek (grc)
pausa Latin (lat) A pause, halt, stop, cessation, end.
ponere Latin (lat)
pauso Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
poser Old French (fro) To put; to place. To rest; to recover; to recuperate. To suggest; to propose.
poser French (fra) (transitive) to ask (a question). (transitive) to install, fit. (transitive) to land (a plane). (transitive) to lay, place. (transitive) to stop carrying, to put down (something or somebody).
pose French (fra) Extension (in telecommunications). Installation.
poza Polish (pol) Pose, posture.