necessitar etymology

Portuguese word necessitar comes from Latin cedo, French nécessiter (To call for. To require.)

Detailed word origin of necessitar

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cedo Latin (lat) (intransitive) I am inferior to, yield to in rank.. (intransitive) I disappear, pass away, vanish.. (intransitive) I go, move, proceed, go along, move along.. (intransitive) I result, turn out, happen.. (intransitive) I withdraw, depart, retire, go away from.. (intransitive, military) I withdraw, fall back, give up my post.. (intransitive, with dative or in +acc.) I fall (to) (as a [...]
nécessiter French (fra) To call for. To require.
necesse Latin (lat) Inevitable. Necessary; needed. Unavoidable, particularly:.
necessitas Latin (lat) (figuratively) fate, destiny. (in the plural) necessities, necessary things or expenses. Necessity, need, unavoidableness, compulsion, exigency.
necessite Old French (fro)
nécessité French (fra) Necessity; need.
necessitare Malayalam (mal)
necessitar Portuguese (por) To need.