rolezinho etymology

Portuguese word rolezinho comes from Portuguese -inho, Portuguese -z-, Portuguese rolê ((Brazil, informal) walk; stroll (Brazil) rolled.)

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Detailed word origin of rolezinho

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-inho Portuguese (por) (Brazil, colloquial) forms the diminutive of gerunds, indicating a lack of intensity or seriousness. (informal) forms the diminutive of pronouns. (somewhat, _, informal) forms the diminutive of adjectives, roughly equivalent to English somewhat or kind of. Belittles the suffixed noun. Forms the diminutive of nouns. Indicates smallness. Indicates smallness, shortness, youth, fewness, etc.. [...]
-z- Portuguese (por) Used when an entire word, rather than the word’s stem, is connected to a suffix that begins with a vowel.
rolê Portuguese (por) (Brazil, informal) walk; stroll (Brazil) rolled.
rolezinho Portuguese (por) (Brazil, neologism, slang) a type of flash mob.