sobrejanela etymology

Portuguese word sobrejanela comes from Portuguese janela, Portuguese sobre- (Over-.)

You can also see our other etymologies for the Portuguese word sobrejanela. Currently you are viewing the etymology of sobrejanela with the meaning: (Noun) An ornamental cloth placed above a window.An ornamental cloth placed above a window

Detailed word origin of sobrejanela

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janela Portuguese (por) Third-person singular (ele and ela, also used with você and others) present indicative of janelar Ele janela. He stands by the window. second-person singular (tu, sometimes used with você) affirmative imperative of janelar Tu aí, janela sozinho. You there, stand by the window by yourself. Window.
sobre- Portuguese (por) Over-.
sobrejanela Portuguese (por) An ornamental cloth placed above a window.