zumbificar etymology

Portuguese word zumbificar comes from Portuguese -ificar, Portuguese zumbi

Detailed word origin of zumbificar

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-ificar Portuguese (por) -ify (forms verbs, from adjectives, indicating process of causing an object to gain the given characteristic).
zumbi Portuguese (por) First-person singular (eu) preterite indicative of zumbir second-person plural (vós, sometimes used with vocês) affirmative imperative of zumbir (Brazil, fiction) zombie (the undead). (Brazil, figurative) zombie (human being in a state of extreme mental exhaustion). (Brazil, historical) the leader of a quilombo (runaway slave settlement). (Brazil, voodoo) zombie (person, usually undead, [...]
zumbificar Portuguese (por) (transitive, fiction) to zombify (to turn into a zombie).