abduce etymology

Romanian word abduce comes from Latin ducere ("be thou led, be thou guided". "to lead, to guide".), Latin ab-

Detailed word origin of abduce

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ducere Latin (lat) "be thou led, be thou guided". "to lead, to guide".
ab- Latin (lat) Absence of. At a distance. Completely, thoroughly. From, away, away from. More remote. Off.
abduco Latin (lat) I bring down, reduce, degrade, lower. I carry off or away forcibly, rob, ravish. I cause to withdraw, be separated, fall off or drop out; divert. I seduce, charm, attract or entice away, pervert. I take away, lead away or aside, carry off; detach, remove. I withdraw.
abduce Romanian (ron)

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Descendants of ducere
aduce duce ducere ducă duș educa mânca mâncărime seduce sedus
Descendants of ab-
abajur abdica abominabil abrupt absolut absolvi absorbi abstinență abstract abstrage absurd abunda amovibil ascunde borî