absolut etymology

Romanian word absolut comes from Latin solvo, Latin ab, and later French absolu (Absolute.)

Detailed word origin of absolut

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solvo Latin (lat) Cancel, remove, destroy. Dissolve, break up, separate. Loosen, untie, undo; free [up], release, acquit, exempt. Pay [up], fulfil. Relax, slacken, weaken. Solve, explain. To dismiss (troops). To get rid of (feelings). To let down (hair). To open (a letter). To raise (a siege). To set sail (ships). To undermine. To unfurl.
ab Latin (lat) (source of action or event) by, of. (time) after, since. At, on, in. From, away from, out of.
absolvo Latin (lat) (figuratively) I complete, finish.. (figuratively) I pay off.. (legal) I absolve, acquit, declare innocent.. I loosen from, make loose, detach, untie.
absolvieren German (deu) (theology) to absolve (pronounce free or give absolution from sin). To pass (successfully complete).
absolutus Latin (lat)
absolu French (fra) Absolute.
absolut Romanian (ron) Absolutely Absolute.

Words with the same origin as absolut

Descendants of solvo
rezolut rezolva solvi
Descendants of ab
abdomen abrupt abscons absent absolvi absorbi absurd abundent abundență abuziv ascuns avansa aversiune dinainte înainte