absurd etymology

Romanian word absurd comes from Latin surdus, Latin ab, Latin ab-, and later French absurde (Absurd (contrary to reason or propriety).)

Detailed word origin of absurd

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surdus Latin (lat) Deaf. Inattentive, unresponsive. Indistinct, dull, faint. Silent, noiseless, still.
ab Latin (lat) (source of action or event) by, of. (time) after, since. At, on, in. From, away from, out of.
ab- Latin (lat) Absence of. At a distance. Completely, thoroughly. From, away, away from. More remote. Off.
absurdus Latin (lat) Discordant, harsh. Incongruous, inconsistent. Silly, stupid, worthless.
absurde French (fra) Absurd (contrary to reason or propriety).
absurd Romanian (ron) Absurd.

Words with the same origin as absurd

Descendants of surdus
Descendants of ab
abdomen abrupt abscons absent absolut absolvi absorbi abundent abundență abuziv ascuns avansa aversiune dinainte înainte
Descendants of ab-
abajur abdica abduce abominabil abstinență abstract abstrage abunda amovibil ascunde borî