acuza etymology

Romanian word acuza comes from Latin causa, Latin ad ((direction) toward, to, on, up to, for.), Latin ad- (To.)

Detailed word origin of acuza

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causa Latin (lat) For the sake of or on account of (Medieval Latin) thing. (figuratively) justification, explanation. Case, claim, contention. Cause, reason. Motive, pretext. Situation, condition.
ad Latin (lat) (direction) toward, to, on, up to, for.
ad- Latin (lat) To.
accuso Latin (lat) (legal) I indict, accuse, arraign, charge with a crime.. I blame, reproach, make a complaint against, find fault with.
acuser Old French (fro) To accuse (to indicate that someone has done something wrong).
accuser Middle French (frm) To accuse.
accuser French (fra) (intransitive, formal) to show; to reveal.. (transitive) to accuse. (transitive) to find fault with.
acuza Romanian (ron) To accuse.

Words with the same origin as acuza

Descendants of causa
acuzare acuzativ acuzație acuzător cauză recuza refuza scuza scuză
Descendants of ad
a abia accent acord aduce adânc adăpost afla ajunge alee alege alegere ales alătura aproape apropia apus apărea asupra atent atinge deasupra lapte lângă
Descendants of ad-
accepta adult alături aparat aparent aprinde apăra avocat