alo etymology

Romanian word alo comes from Old English heofon, Old English hebban (To lift, to raise up.), Old English ǣlā, Old English hē, Old English lā

Detailed word origin of alo

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
heofon Old English (ang) Heaven, paradise. The power of heaven. The sky, the firmament, the heavens.
hebban Old English (ang) To lift, to raise up.
ǣlā Old English (ang)
Old English (ang)
Old English (ang)
hebben Middle English (enm)
eala Old English (ang) Oh!, alas!.
halou Middle English (enm)
heaven English (eng) (Christianity, Islam) The afterlife of the souls who are not sent to a place of punishment or purification such as hell, purgatory, or limbo; the state or condition of being in the presence of God after death.. (Christianity, usually capitalized) The abode of God and of the angels and saints in His presence.. (by extension) A state of bliss; a peaceful ecstasy.. (by extension) Any paradise; [...]
allo French (fra)
alo Romanian (ron) Hello (when answering the telephone).