aprinde etymology

Romanian word aprinde comes from Latin prehendo

Detailed word origin of aprinde

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prehendo Latin (lat) (figuratively, rare, of the mind) I seize, apprehend, comprehend, grasp. (of trees) I take root. (poetic) I reach, arrive at, attain. (poetic) I take in, reach or embrace with the eye. I detain someone in order to speak with him, accost, lay or catch hold of. I lay hold of, seize, grasp, grab, snatch, take, catch. I take by surprise, catch in the act.
apprehendo Latin (lat) I embrace, include.. I grasp with the mind, understand, comprehend.. I lay hold upon, grasp, seize, grab, take, take hold of; apprehend, arrest.. I take possession of, seize, secure, obtain.
apprendere Latin (lat)
aprinde Romanian (ron) To light. To turn on.

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Descendants of prehendo
aprins cuprins deprins prinde prins prizonier priză relua