avansa etymology

Romanian word avansa comes from Latin ab, Latin antea (Before, formerly, previously.), Latin ab ante, Latin -one(-onem|m)

Detailed word origin of avansa

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ab Latin (lat) (source of action or event) by, of. (time) after, since. At, on, in. From, away from, out of.
antea Latin (lat) Before, formerly, previously.
ab ante Latin (lat)
-one(-onem|m) Latin (lat)
abante Latin (lat) (Late Latin) before, in front From before.
abante Late Latin (LL)
*abanteo Latin (lat) I move forward.
*abantiare Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
avancier Old French (fro) To advance; to continue. To advance; to move forward.
advancer Middle French (frm) To advance (to move forwards).
avancer Middle French (frm)
avancer French (fra) (intransitive) to advance, to go forward. (intransitive) to progress. (reflexive, ~ vers) to move towards, to go up to, to approach. (transitive) to bring forward, to advance. (transitive) to propose, to put forward. (transitive, the recipient is introduced by the preposition à, colloquial) to help out somebody by lending him money for a short time (for example because he doesn't have any [...]
avansa Romanian (ron) (intransitive) to advance, to progress. (transitive) to advance.

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Descendants of ab
abdomen abrupt abscons absent absolut absolvi absorbi absurd abundent abundență abuziv ascuns aversiune dinainte înainte