compara etymology

Romanian word compara comes from Latin par (Equal. Even (of a number). Like. Suitable.), Latin cum (Although. Because. When With.), English com- (The form of con- used before b, m, and p.), English par

Detailed word origin of compara

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par Latin (lat) Equal. Even (of a number). Like. Suitable.
cum Latin (lat) Although. Because. When With.
com- English (eng) The form of con- used before b, m, and p.
par English (eng) Alternative form of parr (“young salmon”) (transitive, golf) To reach the hole in the allotted number of strokes. (UK) An amount which is taken as an average or mean.. (golf, countable) A hole in which a player achieves par.. (golf, mostly uncountable) The allotted number of strokes to reach the hole.. Equal value; equality of nominal and actual value; the value expressed on the face or in [...]
paro Latin (lat) I prepare, arrange. I provide, furnish. I resolve, purpose.
compar Latin (lat) Fellow, partner, equal (person). Spouse Equal. Similar, comparable.
comparo Latin (lat) I compare, match, place together, couple. I arrange, appoint, ordain, establish. I prepare something with zeal, care, make ready, set in order, furnish, provide. I procure, get, purchase, obtain, prepare, make, collect.
comparer French (fra) To compare.
compara Romanian (ron) To compare.

Words with the same origin as compara

Descendants of par
aparat aparat foto apăra cumpăra imperativ imperiu parașută prepara repara separa împărat împărăteasă împărătesc
Descendants of cum
acoperi ascuns coleg comanda complet comun concurs conduce condus confuz consiliu conta continuu contra convinge corect costa costum cu cunoscut cuplu curte cuvânt către
Descendants of com-
colecție culege culegere culegător cumpărare cumpărător cumpărătură reculege