complet etymology

Romanian word complet comes from Latin com-, Latin pleo (To fill, to fulfill.), Latin plere

Detailed word origin of complet

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
com- Latin (lat)
pleo Latin (lat) To fill, to fulfill.
plere Latin (lat)
completum Latin (lat)
completus Latin (lat) Complete. Full. Perfect.
complet French (fra) Complete, entire. Full, without room for more.
complet Romanian (ron) Completely Complete.

Words with the same origin as complet

Descendants of com-
comanda combate combina comite compensa compensație competent competitor compune comânda consens consta cont conta conștient conștiință corecta corupt costa culca culege cuprins preț prețios
Descendants of pleo
compliment cumplit dubla dublu simplifica umple umplere umplut
Descendants of plere