concurs etymology

Romanian word concurs comes from Latin currendus, Latin con, Latin -tus, and later French courir (To run.)

Detailed word origin of concurs

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
currendus Latin (lat)
con Latin (lat)
-tus Latin (lat) Forms collective/abstract nouns from adjectives. Forms action nouns from verbs. Forms adjectives having the sense provided with.. Forms the past participle of verbs.
courir French (fra) To run.
concurro Latin (lat) I coincide. I concur. I flock. I run with others.
concursus Latin (lat) (figurative) an assault. (of objects) a union, conjunction, combination. (of troops) an attack, charge. A convergence of people; an assembly. An uproar, tumult.
concours French (fra) (competitive) examination. Competition.
concurs Romanian (ron) Contest, competition.

Words with the same origin as concurs

Descendants of currendus
Descendants of con
cognomen comerț conduce condus conjuga conjugare constelație construcție construi conștiință cunoaște cunoscut cunoscător cunoștințe deduce invita învita
Descendants of -tus
act convenție creștet curs cuvânt flux făget gest lemnet pas plânset puls răcnet răget script sub sugruma supt surâs trăsnet umblet urlet virtute zâmbet