consta etymology

Romanian word consta comes from Latin sto, Latin com-

Detailed word origin of consta

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sto Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) I [currently] am (feel). (Medieval Latin) I am [located at]. I stand. I stay, remain.
com- Latin (lat)
consto Latin (lat) To agree, correspond, fit. To be certain, decided, agreed upon, consistent. To consist, to be composed of. To cost. To stand still; to remain the same; stand firm. To stand together.
consta Romanian (ron) To consist (of), be composed of.

Words with the same origin as consta

Descendants of sto
Costin adăsta aresta costa custa distanță instantaneu instanță obstacol restitui sta stabili stabilitate stagiu stare stat statuie statuă staul stație stărui stăruință superstiție
Descendants of com-
comanda combate combina comite compensa compensație competent competitor complet compune comânda consens cont conta conștient conștiință corecta corupt culca culege cuprins preț prețios