continuu etymology

Romanian word continuu comes from Latin teneo, Latin con-

Detailed word origin of continuu

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teneo Latin (lat) (of laws) I am binding on; bind, hold, obligate. (reflexive) I keep back, remain, stay, hold position. I comprise, contain, include, hold. I hold fast, restrain, detain, check, control; bind, fetter. I hold, have; grasp. I insist, uphold. I know, grasp, understand, conceive. I possess, occupy, control. I reach, attain; gain, acquire, obtain. I recollect, retain knowledge of, remember, bear [...]
con- Latin (lat) Used in compounds to indicate a being or bringing together of several objects. Used in compounds to indicate the completeness, perfecting of any act, and thus gives intensity to the signification of the simple word.
continere Latin (lat)
continuus Latin (lat) (temporal) straight, in a row, whole (Biennio continuo post adeptum imperium... For two whole years after assuming power...). Continuous, uninterrupted, successive.
continuu Romanian (ron) Continuous First-person singular present tense form of continua.. First-person singular subjunctive form of continua.

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Descendants of teneo
abstinent aține conteni continent continua conține cunteni detențiune deține menține obține retenție rețea reține susține ține ținere ținut
Descendants of con-
acoperi ascuns coleg comanda compara complet comporta comun concurs conduce condus conexiune confuz confuzie consiliu conta convinge costa costum culca cumpăra cunoscut cuplu cuvânt