induce etymology

Romanian word induce comes from Latin duco (I draw, pull. I lead, guide. I prolong. I think, consider.), Latin ingratus (Thankless. Ungrateful. Unpleasant, disagreeable.), Latin duire, Latin en-

Detailed word origin of induce

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duco Latin (lat) I draw, pull. I lead, guide. I prolong. I think, consider.
ingratus Latin (lat) Thankless. Ungrateful. Unpleasant, disagreeable.
duire Latin (lat)
en- Latin (lat)
induco Latin (lat) (by extension) I draw over, spread over, overlay, cover, overspread.. (by extension) I put on, wear; assume.. (figuratively) I bring into, introduce, insert; describe; initiate; establish.. (figuratively) I lead to or into; induce, move, excite, persuade, entice; mislead, seduce, delude, cajole, deceive.. (figuratively) I smooth over, strike out, erase.. (figuratively, with animum or in [...]
induce Romanian (ron) To induce, incite, cause or push to do something.

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Descendants of duco
aduce apeduct conduce condus deduce ducat duce ducere duș educa introduce produce producție produs reduce reducție redus răduce seduce seducție sedus