infuzie etymology

Romanian word infuzie comes from Latin fundo, Latin -tione, and later Latin infundo (I pour in, upon or into.)

Detailed word origin of infuzie

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fundo Latin (lat) (military) I rout, scatter. (transitive) I extend, spread out. (transitive) I found, make by smelting. (transitive) I pour out, shed. (transitive) I utter. (transitive, figuratively) I moisten, wet.
-tione Latin (lat)
infundo Latin (lat) I pour in, upon or into.
infusionem Latin (lat)
infusion French (fra) Infusion (liquid product which has had other ingredients steeped in it to extract useful qualities).
infuzie Romanian (ron) Infusion.

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Descendants of fundo
confuz confuzie cufunda efuziune fus fuziune scufunda