interoga etymology

Romanian word interoga comes from Latin inter (Between, among. During, while.), Latin rogo (I ask, enquire. I request.)

Detailed word origin of interoga

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inter Latin (lat) Between, among. During, while.
rogo Latin (lat) I ask, enquire. I request.
interrogo Latin (lat) (intransitive) I argue, reason (syllogistically).. (legal, transitive) I examine, interrogate, question judicially. (transitive) I ask, question, inquire, consult.. (transitive, often with lege) I seek a legal action against, go to law with, arraign, indict, sue.
interoga Romanian (ron)

Words with the same origin as interoga

Descendants of inter
intelect inteligent interesant interfață interveni interviu interzice interzis intim presupune supune supunere între întreba înțelege înțelepciune înțelept
Descendants of rogo
arogant ruga rugaciune rugare rugăciune rugăminte