luced etymology

Romanian word luced comes from Proto-Italic *louks (Light.), Italian -ere, Latin -idus ((suffix forming verbs) tending to.)

Detailed word origin of luced

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*louks Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Light.
-ere Italian (ita) Used, with a stem, to form the infinitive of many Italian verbs.
-idus Latin (lat) (suffix forming verbs) tending to.
*loukēō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Be light, shine.
lux Latin (lat) (figuratively) public view. Daylight, day, moonlight. Enlightenment, explanation. Eyesight, the eyes, luminary. Glory, encouragement. Life. Light (of the sun, stars etc.). Splendour.
luceo Latin (lat) (of the day) I dawn, become light. I am conspicuous, apparent, evident. I shine. I show through; I become visible.
lucere Italian (ita) (intransitive, obsolete) to shine.
lucidus Latin (lat) (figuratively) clear, perspicuous, lucid. Clear, bright, shining, full of light.
luced Romanian (ron) (rare) bright, shining, glowing.

Words with the same origin as luced

Descendants of *louks
Luceafăr Lucifer lanternă luceafăr lucernă luci lucid lucios lucire luciu lucoare năluci străluci
Descendants of -ere
distruge exclusivitate
Descendants of -idus
acid acid dezoxiribonucleic cald căldăraș florid gravid lânced neted pal palid rapid repede repezi rigid rânced scăldat stupid umed umezeală umezi umiditate valid veșted încălzi