mutare etymology

Romanian word mutare comes from Proto-Indo-European *mew(ə)-, Romanian muta ((reflexive) to move to, relocate. To move, shift.)

Detailed word origin of mutare

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*mew(ə)- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
muta Romanian (ron) (reflexive) to move to, relocate. To move, shift.
moveo Latin (lat) (of plants) I put forth. I arouse, excite, promote, produce. I begin, commence, undertake. I disturb, shake, remove. I excite, inspire. I exert, exercise. I move, stir, set in motion. I present or offer (an oblation or gift). I trouble, concern, torment (someone).
muto Latin (lat) I alter, change, modify, transform. I exchange, barter, sell. I forsake. I move, remove. I mutate, spoil. I vary, diversify.
mutare Romanian (ron)

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Descendants of *mew(ə)-
amovibil comutat mobil moment moțiune muc muced mucegai muci mucoare mucos musculiță muscă must mut muta mutător mușchi muștar muțenie promova putregai strămuta împrumut