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Romanian word neted comes from Latin niteo

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niteo Latin (lat) (figuratively, of animals) I am sleek or in good condition.. (figuratively, of fields, plants) I look flourishing or thriving; thrive.. (figuratively, of persons) I am brilliant, look bright or beautiful, shine.. (figuratively, of wealth) I flourish, abound.. I am radiant, shine, look bright, glitter, sparkle, glisten.
nitidus Latin (lat) (of animals) sleek, plump. (of persons) healthy-looking, well conditioned. (of plants) blooming, fertile. (of speech or writing) cultivated, refined. Handsome, beautiful, good-looking. Shining, polished, glittering.
*nittus Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
neted Romanian (ron) Clear. Precise. Smooth, even.

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