oficiu etymology

Romanian word oficiu comes from Latin -ionem, Proto-Indo-European *h₃op-, and later Latin ops ((plural) resources, wealth. (singular) power to help.)

Detailed word origin of oficiu

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-ionem Latin (lat)
*h₃op- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
ops Latin (lat) (plural) resources, wealth. (singular) power to help.
opifex Latin (lat) Someone who does work (especially creative or constructive); worker, maker, framer, fabricator, workman, mechanic, artificer, craftsman, inventor, artist, artisan.
opificium Latin (lat) Work.
officium Latin (lat) (figurative) an obligatory service, visit, or gesture. Duty, service. Office.
office French (fra) Administrative bureau, department. Charge, task, mandate. Place where a household's table (food and drink)-related services are conducted, especially by domestic staff. Religious service, notably liturgical office.
oficiu Romanian (ron) Office.