prezenta etymology

Romanian word prezenta comes from Latin sum ((copulative) I am, exist, have (with dative).), Middle French presenter

Detailed word origin of prezenta

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sum Latin (lat) (copulative) I am, exist, have (with dative).
presenter Middle French (frm) (reflexive, se presenter) to present oneself. (transitive) to present (show, reveal).
praesum Latin (lat) I am before something. I command, have command, be in command of, have charge of, be in charge of. I lead, take the lead. I preside or rule over.
praesens Latin (lat) (grammar) present. At hand. Existing. Immediate. Present. Prompt. Propitious.
praesento Latin (lat) I present, exhibit or show.
présenter French (fra) (reflexive) to appear, to be present (before someone). (reflexive, problems) to arise, to surface, to present itself. (reflexive, ~ à) to be a candidate for. To introduce, to present. To show, to present.
prezenta Romanian (ron) To present.

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Descendants of sum
absent esență posibil posibilitate potent prezent putea putere putință putut
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