profesor etymology

Romanian word profesor comes from Latin fateor (I acknowledge, own.. I confess, admit.. I show, indicate.), Latin profiteri

Detailed word origin of profesor

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fateor Latin (lat) I acknowledge, own.. I confess, admit.. I show, indicate.
profiteri Latin (lat)
profiteor Latin (lat) I declare publicly, own (up to) or confess openly, acknowledge, avow, profess.. I make a public statement or a return of.. I make a show of, show, display.. I offer freely, promise.. I profess, claim; I declare myself (as), practice (as).
professus Latin (lat)
professor Latin (lat) Teacher, professor.
Professor German (deu) Professor.
professeur French (fra) Professor. Teacher.
profesor Romanian (ron) Professor. Teacher.

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Descendants of fateor
confesa profesiune
Descendants of profiteri