prozaic etymology

Romanian word prozaic comes from Latin versus, Old Latin provorsus, Latin versus (Towards, turned to or in the direction of, facing.)

Detailed word origin of prozaic

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
versus Latin (lat)
provorsus Old Latin (itc-ola)
versus Latin (lat) Towards, turned to or in the direction of, facing.
prorsus Latin (lat) (transf. of style) straightforward, prosaic. Straightforward, right onwards, straight, direct.
prosa Latin (lat) Prose.
prosaicus Malayalam (mal)
prosaïque French (fra) Prosaic.
prozaic Romanian (ron) (rare) prosaic (having the characteristics of prose). Prosaic (banal, overly plain, simple, commonplace, dull, unimaginative, etc.).

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Descendants of versus
aniversa aniversare controversă
Descendants of versus