purtare etymology

Romanian word purtare comes from Romanian purta, Romanian -re

Detailed word origin of purtare

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purta Romanian (ron) (reflexive) to behave, comport or conduct oneself. To carry. To wear.
-re Romanian (ron) Attached to the ends of verb infinitives to form nouns, meaning the action or result of; -ing, -ation.
purtare Romanian (ron) Bearing, carrying. Behaviour. Wearing.

Words with the same origin as purtare

Descendants of purta
purta purtător
Descendants of -re
apropiere apărare aruncat bere clădire durere iertare intrare iubire mâncare parcare pierdere plecare plimbare plăcea plăcut putere părere răbdare schimbare traducere vedere încercare încredere întrebare