relua etymology

Romanian word relua comes from French reprendre, Romanian lua (To take.), Romanian re-

Detailed word origin of relua

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reprendre French (fra) (intransitive) to start again. (intransitive, of business) to pick up, to show new sign of life. (reflexive) to correct oneself. (reflexive) to pull oneself together. (transitive) to criticize, correct, rebuke, reprimand. (transitive) to resume (work), get back to, carry on with. (transitive) to retake, recapture. (transitive) to take again, take more of, have another helping. (transitive) [...]
lua Romanian (ron) To take.
re- Romanian (ron)
relua Romanian (ron) To rerun. To resume. To revive. To take back, retake.

Words with the same origin as relua

Descendants of lua
lua luare
Descendants of re-
la revedere re- rearanja reintroduce republica rescrie restrânge retrage revedea revedere reînnoi