repaus etymology

Romanian word repaus comes from Latin po- (Off, away.), Latin sino, Proto-Italic *posnō

Detailed word origin of repaus

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po- Latin (lat) Off, away.
sino Latin (lat) (with accusative of person and infinitive) I let, permit, suffer.. I put, lay, set down.
*posnō Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
pauso Latin (lat) I halt, cease, pause.. I rest in the grave.
repauso Latin (lat) (intransitive) I lay at rest, quiet, nourish.. I am at rest, I rest completely, repose.
repaus Romanian (ron) Rest, repose, relaxation, leisure.

Words with the same origin as repaus

Descendants of po-
a abia acord aduce adânc adăpost afla ajunge alege ales alături aproape apropo apărea asupra atent atinge lapte lângă post poză pune pus spune spus
Descendants of sino