repezi etymology

Romanian word repezi comes from Latin rapere, Latin -idus ((suffix forming verbs) tending to.)

Detailed word origin of repezi

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
rapere Latin (lat)
-idus Latin (lat) (suffix forming verbs) tending to.
rapidus Latin (lat) (figuratively) hasty, hurried. Fierce, seizing. Rapid, quick, swift.
repede Romanian (ron) Fast, quickly, rapidly Fast, quick, rapid.
repezi Romanian (ron) To hurry, rush. To run or rush (at).

Words with the same origin as repezi

Descendants of rapere
răpi răpire răpitor răpitură
Descendants of -idus
acid acid dezoxiribonucleic cald căldăraș florid gravid lucid lânced neted pal palid rapid repede rigid rânced scăldat stupid umed umezeală umezi umiditate valid veșted încălzi