social etymology

Romanian word social comes from Latin socius, Latin -alis

Detailed word origin of social

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socius Latin (lat) Kindred, related, akin. Leagued, allied, united, confederate. Sharing, joining in, partaking, associated Ally; confederate. Companion, comrade. Partner, sharer, associate.
-alis Latin (lat) Used to form adjectives of relationship from nouns or numerals.
socialis Latin (lat) Marriage, conjugal, nuptial.. Of or pertaining to allies or confederates; allied, confederate.. Of or pertaining to companionship; companionable, sociable, social.
social Middle French (frm) Allied (on the same side). Social (tending to spend time with others).
social French (fra) Mundane, related to social life. Social, living in society. Social, related to society, community Action intended to make society work better.
social Romanian (ron) Social (of or relating to society).

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Descendants of socius
soață socializa societate soț soție însoți
Descendants of -alis
act actor canal capital central criminal digital egal general homosexual hotel legal mental mintal muzical natural personal principal real realitate regal spital vital zece