solvi etymology

Romanian word solvi comes from Latin luo (I expiate.. I pay.. I satisfy.. I suffer.)

Detailed word origin of solvi

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luo Latin (lat) I expiate.. I pay.. I satisfy.. I suffer.
solvo Latin (lat) Cancel, remove, destroy. Dissolve, break up, separate. Loosen, untie, undo; free [up], release, acquit, exempt. Pay [up], fulfil. Relax, slacken, weaken. Solve, explain. To dismiss (troops). To get rid of (feelings). To let down (hair). To open (a letter). To raise (a siege). To set sail (ships). To undermine. To unfurl.
solvi Romanian (ron) (reflexive, archaic) to dissolve.

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Descendants of luo
absolut absolvi dizolva rezolut rezolva soluție