sub etymology

Romanian word sub comes from Proto-Germanic *under, Proto-Indo-European *upo (Under, below.)

Detailed word origin of sub

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*under Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) (+accusative) under (direction). (+dative) among, between. (+dative) under, beneath (location) Among, between. Under, below.
*upo Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) Under, below.
under Old English (ang) Under.
*supo Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
under Middle English (enm)
under English (eng) (informal) In an unconscious state.. In a way inferior to.. In a way lower or less than. Being lower; being beneath something. (figuratively) In the face of; in response to (some attacking force).. As a subject of; subordinate to.. As, in the character of.. Below the surface of.. In or at a lower level than.. Less than.
sub Latin (lat) (with ablative) about, around (time). (with ablative) at the feet of. (with ablative) behind. (with ablative) under, beneath. (with ablative) within, during. (with accusative) under, up to, up under, close to (of a motion). (with accusative) until, before, up to, about.
subtus Latin (lat) Below, underneath, beneath.
sub Romanian (ron) Under, below, beneath, underneath.

Words with the same origin as sub

Descendants of *under
dedesubt soage subiect subit substanță subsuoară subt subtil subția subțire succes suferi suficiență sufoca sufruncea sugruma sui suire suiuș sumete suporta supt surâs sus
Descendants of *upo
soma submerge sumedenie sumă sâmcea însuma