urare etymology

Romanian word urare comes from Romanian ura, Romanian -re

Detailed word origin of urare

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ura Romanian (ron) Definite singular nominative and accusative form of ură. (obsolete) to orate, speak publicly to convince, move or stir others, or to bless. To congratulate. To go house to house reciting songs on New Year's. To wish, bid Hooray.
-re Romanian (ron) Attached to the ends of verb infinitives to form nouns, meaning the action or result of; -ing, -ation.
urare Romanian (ron) Felicitation, congratulation, well-wishing, bidding.

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Descendants of ura
ura urăciune
Descendants of -re
apropiere apărare aruncat bere clădire durere iertare intrare iubire mâncare parcare pierdere plecare plimbare plăcea plăcut putere părere răbdare schimbare traducere vedere încercare încredere întrebare