vocativ etymology

Romanian word vocativ comes from Latin vox, Proto-Italic *wakāō, Ancient Greek κλητῐκή, and later Middle French vocatif ((grammar) the vocative case.)

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vox Latin (lat) (grammar) voice; indicating the relation of the subject of the verb to the action which the verb expresses. Accent. Speech, remark, expression, (turn of) phrase. Voice. Word.
*wakāō Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
κλητῐκή Ancient Greek (grc)
voco Latin (lat) (transitive) I call, summon, beckon (with one's voice).. (transitive) I name, designate. (transitive, by extension) I invoke, call upon (a person, especially a god). (transitive, by extension) I summon, convene, call together.. I bring or put (into a state or condition).
vocativus Latin (lat) (grammar) of or belonging to calling, vocative. (masculine noun, scilicet casus) vocative case, vocative.
vocatif Middle French (frm) (grammar) the vocative case.
vocatif French (fra) (grammar) the vocative case.
vocativ Romanian (ron) The vocative case.

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Descendants of vox
avocat avocățel avocățesc boace boci bocire convoca evoca invoca provoca revoca vocabulă vocală vocație voce