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Old Irish word sídach comes from Old Irish -ach, Old Irish síd

You can also see our other etymologies for the Old Irish word sídach. Currently you are viewing the etymology of sídach with the meaning: (Adjective) Of or belonging to a fairy.Of or belonging to a fairy

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-ach Old Irish (sga) Forms adjectives meaning "related to, having, characterised by, prone to".. Forms nouns meaning "person or thing connected or involved with, belonging to, having".
síd Old Irish (sga) (of natural phenomena) peace, quietness, stillness. Pardon, forgiveness. Peace, goodwill, peaceableness, a state or period of peace, a truce; peace terms; peacemaking, conciliation. Peace-offering, compensation, atonement, indemnity, compact of peace (by extension) wondrous, enchanting, charming, delightful. (in genitive, as attribute) of a fairy mound, fairy. (in the plural) fairy people, [...]
sídach Old Irish (sga) Of or belonging to a fairy.

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Descendants of -ach
Albanach Bretnach Connachtach Drobéssach Sagsach bedgach bruach cathaige cluichech corrach cáelach fingalach foirmtech formtigid fásach gríbach gúalach scréchach sercach spledach spledachus tibrech tráthach túathannach órchlogach
Descendants of síd
banaltra banda banscál ben ben síd benacán bunóc sídamail