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Spanish word campana comes from Latin Campania, Ancient Greek καπάνη, and later Latin Nola (Nola: a town in Campania in Italy.).

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Campania Latin (lat) Campania (a fertile region of southern Italy, whose chief city was Capua).
καπάνη Ancient Greek (grc)
Nola English (eng) A city in Campania in Italy.. Its bishopric. (New Orleans, Louisiana). A female given name..
Nola Latin (lat) Nola: a town in Campania in Italy.
Campanus Latin (lat) Of or belonging to Campania (a region), Campanian.
campana Late Latin (LL)
campana Spanish (spa) A bell-shaped (or roughly) object or component (such as the canopy of a parachute). Bell. Extractor hood. Hood (device to suck away smokes and fumes).