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Swedish word laglig comes from Swedish lag, Swedish -lig (-ly, -like; forms adjectives.).

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lag Swedish (swe) (mathematics) a law; a statement that is true under specified conditions.. A law; a one-sided contract.. A law; a written or understood rule that concerns behaviours and the appropriate consequences thereof. Laws are usually associated with mores.. A law; an observed physical law.. Law; the body of written rules governing a society. (cooking) a water-based solution of sugar, salt and/or [...]
-lig Swedish (swe) -ly, -like; forms adjectives.
laglig Swedish (swe) Legal (something which is allowed or prescribed by law).

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andlig besvärlig dödlig konstnärlig kunglig ljuvlig lycklig lämplig manlig mänsklig naturlig oemotståndlig olaglig onekligen personlig punktlig pålitlig skriftlig smaklig statlig synlig tydlig underlig vänlig