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Xhosa word a- comes from Proto-Bantu *gá-, Proto-Bantu *à- (Class 1 subject concord.), Proto-Bantu *gáá-

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Detailed word origin of a-

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
*gá- Proto-Bantu (bnt-pro) Class 6 object concord.. Class 6 pronominal concord.. Class 6 subject concord.
*à- Proto-Bantu (bnt-pro) Class 1 subject concord.
*gáá- Proto-Bantu (bnt-pro)
*á- Proto-Nguni (bnt-ngu-pro) Class 6 subject concord. Class 6 possessive concord. Class 1 subject concord, used in the subjunctive and potential mood.
a- Xhosa (xho) Of; class 6 possessive concord.

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