acquaint etymology

English word acquaint comes from Latin ad ((direction) toward, to, on, up to, for.), Latin cognitio, Latin accognitus

Detailed word origin of acquaint

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ad Latin (lat) (direction) toward, to, on, up to, for.
cognitio Latin (lat) Examination, inquiry, investigation. Knowledge. Learning, study (acquisition of knowledge).
accognitus Latin (lat)
*accognito Latin (lat) I make known.
*accognito Late Latin (LL)
acointier Old French (fro) (reflexive, s'acointier) to get to know. (reflexive, s'acointier) to introduce oneself. To introduce (one person to another).
acointen Middle English (enm)
acquaint English (eng) (transitive, archaic, followed by of or that) To communicate notice to; to inform; to make cognizant.. (transitive, followed by with) To furnish or give experimental knowledge of; to make (one) to know; to make familiar.. (transitive, obsolete) To familiarize; to accustom. (obsolete) Acquainted.

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Descendants of ad
aboard accent ace affair agree alien alley appear approach appropriate around arrive aside asleep assault attempt attend attention available avenue huge round size tend tent