chloroplast etymology

English word chloroplast comes from English -plast, English chloro- ((chemistry) Containing chlorine.. Green in color.)

Detailed word origin of chloroplast

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-plast English (eng) A plastid. A small body, structure, particle, or granule, especially of living matter.
chloro- English (eng) (chemistry) Containing chlorine.. Green in color.
chloroplast English (eng) (cytology) An organelle found in the cells of green plants, and in photosynthetic algae, where photosynthesis takes place.

Words with the same origin as chloroplast

Descendants of -plast
alloplast amyloplast arthroplast autoplast axoplast bdelloplast bioplast blepharoplast chromoplast cytoplast ectoplast endoplast iridoplast karyoplast kinetoplast leucoplast mesoplast monoplast osteoplast phragmoplast phycoplast spheroplast tonoplast trophoplast
Descendants of chloro-
chloroacetic chloroadamantane chloroauric chlorobenzene chlorobiphenyl chlorocarbon chloroethylene chloroguanide chloromethylphenylsilane chloroprocaine chloropyridine chlororuthenate chlorosilyl chlorosulfite chlorosulfuric acid chlorotoluene chlorotoxin chlorotriazine chloroxylenol dichlorocarbene dimethylchlorosilane tetrachloromethane trichloroethane trichlorofluoromethane