citizenship etymology

English word citizenship comes from English -ship, English citizen

Detailed word origin of citizenship

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-ship English (eng) Appended to a noun to form a new noun denoting a property or state of being, time spent in a role, or a specialised union.
citizen English (eng) (Christianity) A resident or future resident of the heavenly city or (later) of the kingdom of God: a Christian; a good Christian.. (computing) An object.. (dated) A member of a state that is not a monarchy.. (historical) A freeman or burgher: a legally-recognized member of an incorporated city.. (historical, usually capitalized) A term of address among French citizens during the French [...]
citizenship English (eng) The state of being a citizen, in its various senses.. The status of being a citizen, in its various senses.

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Descendants of -ship
censorship championship companionship dealership dictatorship internship ladyship leadership lordship ownership partnership relationship scholarship worship worshipped