colitis etymology

English word colitis comes from English -itis, English colo- ((anatomy).)

Detailed word origin of colitis

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-itis English (eng) (humorous) Used to form the names of various fictitious afflictions or diseases.. (pathology) Suffix denoting diseases characterized by inflammation, itself often caused by an infection.
colo- English (eng) (anatomy).
colitis English (eng) (pathology) inflammation of the colon.

Words with the same origin as colitis

Descendants of -itis
adrenalitis appendicitis capitalitis conjunctivitis encephalitic fasciitis gastritis gingivitis gnathitis hyaloiditis itis laminitis lazyitis lymph lymphatic mediastinitis osteomyelitis pancreatitis phlebitis recessionitis retinitis sinusitis tendonitis vesiculitis
Descendants of colo-
colectomy coloanal colobronchial coloenteritis colopexy coloproctology colorectal colorectum coloscope colostomy colotomy colovesical colovesicular ostomy