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English word historic comes from Latin historia ((Medieval Latin, England) storey. Account. History. Story.), Latin -icum, Ancient Greek (to 1453) ἱστορικός

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historia Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin, England) storey. Account. History. Story.
-icum Latin (lat)
ἱστορικός Ancient Greek (to 1453) (grc)
historicus Latin (lat) Historical.
storico Italian (ita) Historian, historiographer Historic, historical.
historic English (eng) (grammar) Various grammatical tenses and moods specially used in retelling past events.. (now uncommon) : of, concerning, or in accordance with recorded history or the past generally (See usage notes.). Old-fashioned, untouched by modernity.. Very important, very noteworthy: having importance or significance in history. (obsolete) A historian.. (obsolete) A history, a non-fiction account of [...]

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Descendants of historia
historical history prehistoric story
Descendants of -icum
age alcoholic atomic basic basically criticism electronic engineering heroic mademoiselle magnetic math mathematics period physics psychiatric realistic romantic science stem tech technology teen teenage topic