lithoautotroph etymology

English word lithoautotroph comes from English litho- (Lith- + -o-.), English autotroph

Detailed word origin of lithoautotroph

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litho- English (eng) Lith- + -o-.
autotroph English (eng) (ecology) Any organism that can synthesize its food from inorganic substances, using heat or light as a source of energy.
lithoautotroph English (eng) (biology) A microbe that takes energy from reduced compounds of minerals.

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Descendants of litho-
astrolithology chemical lithosphere lithobrake lithocarp lithocholic lithoclast lithocyte lithofacies lithogenic lithogenous lithogeny lithogeochemical lithogeochemistry lithograph litholatry lithology lithomancy lithometeor lithomorphic lithophytic lithospheric lithotint lithotrophic phytolithology